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KV Antivirus 2010 provides the most effective proactive antivirus and easy-to-use protection with dynamic heuristic engine and advanced intelligent scanning, which is compatible with Windows 7. It also can detect potential threats and supply solutions when professional Proactive Threat Protection is used. Moreover, over ten new or advanced functions are included, such as advanced Cloud Computing, Anti-Rootkit, advanced Anti-Trojan for Webpage. It protects your PC completely from known and unknown malicious threats, such as Trojans, spyware, rootkits, online fraud, identity theft. Key Features Compared with previous version of KV Antivirus, KV 2010 is more intelligent with the following advantages: ? Compatible with Windows 7 New! ? Proactive Threat Protection New! ? Security Expert(Professional) New! ? Detect System Security Level & Supply Solutions to Improve New! ? Anti-spam New! ? Faster Scanning Speed with Intelligent Scanning Engine Advanced! ? Cloud Computing Advanced! ? Kernel self-protection Advanced! ? Active Defense Advanced! ? Unpacking by Virtual Machine Advanced! ? Heuristic Scanning Advanced! ? Sandbox Advanced! ? Intelligent Active Defense Advanced! ? Anti-rootkit & Anti-hook Advanced! ? Vulnerability Scanning and Autopatching Advanced!

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